Firebase Cloud Functions with Typescript and Webpack

Recently Firebase launched Cloud Functions–a way to run your code on their servers. It’s a game changer! Now you can run code that you trust to manage many parts of your Firebase Project.

The downside of Cloud Functions is that it only supports NodeJs, forcing you to use Javascript. Fortunately, we can mitigate some of the issues that Javascript brings with Typescript.

In this post we’ll build Firebase Cloud Functions using Typescript and Webpack.


What I learned from analysing 1.65M versions of Node.js modules in NPM

NPM and open source modules are one of Node.js’ greatest strengths — and also one of it’s greatest weaknesses. took it upon myself to explore how the NPM really works on a granular level and at scale. It turned out there was a lot to discover. The following blog post is a long one, but hang in there, it will be worth it. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the deep dive into the NPM ecosystem.