Duration vs. Concurrency in AWS Lambda

I’ve been helping out on a project recently where we’re doing a number of integrations with third-party services. The integration platform is built on AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework.

Aside from the data hygiene questions that you might expect in an integration project like this, one of the first things we’ve run into is a fundamental constraint in productionizing Lambda-based systems. As of today, AWS Lambda has the following limits (among others):

  • max of 1000 concurrent executions per region (a soft limit that can be increased), and
  • max duration of 5 minutes for a single execution



The Ultimate Guide To Speech Recognition With Python

Understanding word vectors

… for, like, actual poets. By Allison Parrish

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how word vectors work. This tutorial assumes a good amount of Python knowledge, but even if you’re not a Python expert, you should be able to follow along and make small changes to the examples without too much trouble.

This is a “Jupyter Notebook,” which consists of text and “cells” of code. After you’ve loaded the notebook, you can execute the code in a cell by highlighting it and hitting Ctrl+Enter. In general, you need to execute the cells from top to bottom, but you can usually run a cell more than once without messing anything up. Experiment!