Roswell: a Lisp installer and launcher for major environment that just works

“Roswell started as a command line tool to install and manage Common Lisp implementations damn easily. It now has evolved into a fullstack environment for common lisp web development, testing, code sharing and app distribution which might push the CL community to a whole new level.

This software is still beta. Basic interfaces are fixed, we believe it works well on Unix-like platforms like Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD, but some parts are not implemented, not stable on other OSes yet.

Checkout issues list if you have interest in what’s lacking…”

State of the Common Lisp Ecosystem, 2015

“This is a description of the Common Lisp ecosystem, as of August 2015, from the perspective of a user and contributor.

The purpose of this article is both to give an overview of the ecosystem, and to help drive consolidation in each domain.

Each application domain has recommendations for consolidating that part of the ecosystem, and pointers for interesting future work…”