Twemcache is the Twitter Memcached

“We built Twemcache because we needed a more robust and manageable version of Memcached, suitable for our large-scale production environment. Today, we are open-sourcing Twemcache under the New BSD license. As one of the largest adopters of Memcached, a popular open source caching system, we have used Memcached over the years to help us scale our ever-growing traffic. Today, we have hundreds of dedicated cache servers keeping over 20TB of data from over 30 services in-memory, including crucial data such as user information and Tweets. Collectively these servers handle almost 2 trillion queries on any given day (that’s more than 23 million queries per second). As we continued to grow, we needed a more robust and manageable version of Memcached suitable for our large scale production environment…”

The open source technology behind Twitter

“Without open source, Twitter wouldn’t exist. Every Tweet you send and receive touches open source software on its journey between computers and mobile devices. We were curious about how much open source is used at Twitter. Beyond that, we wanted to discover how open source may influence the culture at Twitter, Inc.

We asked Chris Aniszczyk, Open Source Manager at Twitter, to share the company’s open source story. Aniszczyk will be keynoting at this month’s LinuxCon, August 29 through 31, in San Diego, CA. His topic: The open source technology behind a Tweet.

See what Aniszczyk (@cra on Twitter) had to say about open source and the open culture at Twitter…”